The story of RC Dlháčik

The story of RC Dlháčik

9. októbra 2023 Off Od ÚMC

We were looking for women who changed their communities. In small ways. In everyday things. They often don’t see what they’ve come up with until a few years later when “other people’s” children tell them how superduper they felt in the mother centers. And other women, how their world changed, how in those new spaces full of laughter, crying, screaming, where a bunch of little ones scurried around their feet.. they received new incentives.

Just try to imagine they weren’t here.

That all those good things would disappear.


So we at least tried to capture moments with Lujza Schrameková, Daša Šimeková and Laco Richtárik

Dlháčik is simply long. A massive space at a school in Dlhé diely lives up to its name. There’s lots of rooms, lots of little corners. Anyone who wants to quietly hide and play or look at a picture book can do so. Same as anyone who wants to run and skip around. They can. And what about those who want to craft, even if they can barely stand on their own feet? They, too, have a place here. And talking about how it all started. And what snowballing looks like in practice – that is, when a bunch of others pile on one good idea. 

You can have a look and listen to the leader Zuzana Kutarňová – Melušová a Dana Skuhrová talk about their beginnings and the present.

These videos are being implemented as part of the “Women in The Community – from charity to equal work in communities” project, which is supported by the Domestic and Gender-Based Violence Programme financed by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014 – 2021 and the state budget of the Slovak Republic.

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