Nevedko mother center opened for mothers with disadvantaged children

Nevedko mother center opened for mothers with disadvantaged children

9. októbra 2023 Off Od ÚMC

We were looking for women who changed their communities. In small ways. In everyday things. They often don’t see what they’ve come up with until a few years later when children tell them how superduper they felt in the mother centers. Women, how their world changed, how they received incentives.

Just try to imagine they weren’t here.

That all those good things would disappear.


So we at least tried to capture moments with Lujza Garajová-Schrameková and Daša Šimeková.

The mother center Nevedko in Ružomberok is one of the first centers in Slovakia which was opened for mothers with disadvantaged children. However, you would have to look carefully to recognize them, because when they perform their workshops and games, in the small space of the center, or in the large garden that they borrow, they’re squirming around all at once. Nobody gets in the way, nobody is surprised by anything. Seemingly small things – but what great things come from them when you suddenly see how nice everyone is to each other. For the changes are subtle, improving step by step, softening the world of both the child and the adult.

So take a moment to listen to the leader of the center Andrea Dobošová.

These videos are being implemented as part of the “Women in The Community – from charity to equal work in communities” project, which is supported by the Domestic and Gender-Based Violence Programme financed by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014 – 2021 and the state budget of the Slovak Republic.

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