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Mile for Mothers 2009
8. 4. 2009 23:45
the biggest Mother’s Day celebration in Slovakia
and in other countries throughout the world.

The Union of Mother Centres (ÚMC), covering more than 70 mother centres (MC) in Slovakia, is arranging, now for the sixth year in a row, Slovakia’s Mother’s Day celebration called Mile for Mothers. An entertaining family afternoon is taking place on Saturday, May the 9th 2009, the same date and the same time (3:00pm – 6:00pm) in 26 biggest Slovak towns and in other countries throughout the world:

In Banská Bystrica, Bratislava, Rusovce, Košice, Levice, Liptovský Mikuláš, Martin, Nitra, Nováky, Považská Bystrica, Šaľa, Trenčín, Žilina, Dolný Kubín, Hriňová, Lozorno, Malacky, Nižná na Orave, Nová Baňa, Prievidza, Rohožník, Senec, Sabinov, Snina, Zlaté Moravcie a Galanta.

The celebration programme consists of artists´ and children’s performances on stages, promo stands promoting mother centres and “the mile walk” (one mile long). The event is intended for general public – mother centres´ visitors, companies´ managements and employees, representatives of local and municipal authorities, children, parents, and media.
The idea of “Mile for Mothers” has originated in Slovakia, specifically in the Union of Mother Centres. Reputation of this celebration dedicated to mothers has been spread throughout the world and many other countries participate on it.

If you join us, you will become a part of “the Slovak original“. Its quality has won the world’s recognition!

The principal idea of Mile for Mothers 2009 has become a slogan saying “Let’s create a space for mothers and children“. It will be displayed all over the media area before and during the event. There will be different hoardings and leaflets showing mothers and children talking and explaining to the public how environment can contribute to creation of the much needed space for families with children. For example, giving priority to mothers with children in stores and institutions, giving seats in buses, allowing mothers to accompany their children during hospitalization in hospitals, providing children with more playgrounds, preserving mother centres……. The slogan is a part of Allow me to enter with my child, an national campaign of the Union of Mother Centres that has existed for several years and has been pointing out barriers and obstacles which parents and children have to face in society.

Why have we decided to devote our energies to this project? The reason is simple: the society in Slovakia does not provide mothers, even if they are self-sacrificing and devoted, with respectful conditions and situation… Women – mothers have to discontinue their professional carriers to bear their children. They care for and raise the future generation; however, they get an inadequate evaluation – a monthly parental benefit (now in amount of 159 EUR). Sometimes they still bear in inadequate conditions. Mothers are not allowed to accompany their ill and frightened children in hospitals. What seems to be shocking is that even in a developed society mothers with their children or pregnant women have to stand up in buses, to queue in stores, in pharmacies or in institutions. Moreover, several institutions have no possible access for baby buggies; some even explicitly do not allow them to enter. To stay with children in restaurants and hotels seems to be impossible due to the conditions which are not favourable. Lack of children’s playgrounds and places makes the maternity leave more difficult. Mother centres have to fight for their space and rooms where mothers, fathers and their children can find their background.

The event organizers attempt to arrange an excellent Mother´s Day celebration which would raise motherhood as the most important thing in society at least for a day. Through this educational event to contribute to improving behaviour and approach of society towards mothers, to inform the surrounding world about a necessity to create a space for mothers and their children where they could live appropriately as the others; to present the MC’s and UMC’s activities in public.

There will be a public fundraising event entitled "Thank you for being a mother" as a part of the Mile for Mother. You can show your support by purchasing a Union of Mother Centres “happy magnet,” or by sending an SMS with the text “DMS MAMA” to mobile phone number 877 in both the Orange and T-mobile networks from April 9th until May 31st. Donor SMS service is provided by the Forum of Donors. The price of each donor SMS is 1 euro (30 Sk). Proceeds will be used by the Union of Mother Centres to support the acquisition and improvement of the MCs' spaces as ideal places for mothers with small children.

Mother centres are citizens associations, volunteer non-profit organizations, of a community character, which have been providing families with social, educational and cultural services since 1999. They have taken the role of the State’s non-existing services for parents at maternal/parental leave and children up to 3 years of age. Mother centres have united in the UMC to realize common projects. The UMC helps to preserve mothers´, children’s and families´ rights by means of consulting, lobbying, publishing, informational and educational activities, organizing social and cultural events and their promotion in media.

More about the event on www.materskecentra.sk

Mile for Mothers 2000 world-wide (pdf)

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