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5. 6. 2007 08:14

We are pleased you visit our website . Allow us to introduce our campaign „Allow me to enter with my child“.

logoWe started the campaign in 2001 with the aim to find 24 Top restaurants or shops (including drugstores) which are family friendly. Later on we decided to create a special calendar with the photos of children in mother centres and with the information about the Top Family Friendly Facilities. It succeeded. We created special criteria for them and right now we have 4 different categories to be awarded:

- Shops in general
compulsory criteria: barrierless access, friendly staff, children‘s play area, possibility to enter with pram or safe pram parking place

- Drug stores
compulsory criteria: barrierless access, friendly staff, possibility to shop with the pram, shopping cart with child seat

- Catering facilities (restaurants, cafes, sweet-shops, tea-rooms)
compulsory criteria: barrierless access, friendly staff, non-smoking area, highchair/s (depending on how big the facility is), children‘s play area, children‘s menu, possibility to warm up baby food

- Accommodation facilities (hotels, pensions…)
compulsory criteria: barrierless access, friendly staff, children‘s bed, children’s play area (indoors), playground (outdoors), children and family discounts, possibility to have own pram in the hotel room
If there is a restaurant, they must have a special room or place to heat or prepare children‘s food.

At the beginning, only the mother centres searched for these facilities in their home area. Sometimes they offered restaurants an opportunity to win the certificate and a special logo sticker after they have fulfilled the compulsory criteria. In some cases this suggestion was successful and, for example, the restaurants built an indoor child play area or bought highchairs.
Then we offered the public the opportunity to nominate the facilities – on our website there is contact information and a special application form, which can be filled out by visitors or even managers and owners of the facilities if they are interested in our project.
We monitor the accredited places because it is possible that they could stop fulfilling all the compulsory criteria.

Our next plan for this is to build a partnership with our Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and to create something like a family passport which would enable families to use special discounts in the accredited facilities. Also, we would like to issue a catalogue with the contacts, photos and descriptions of the family friendly places.

Now we are starting a new initiative called The Family Friendly Municipality. We are in the phase of creating the criteria, in cooperation with an organisation of which most mayors are members.

We need to include the media in these activities; only if public places and public opinion are open to the changes and look after the better places for children and families, can we reach our goals.
We see very good international possibilities for this initiative.

All sponzors, partners or friends are welcome.

You can contact us on: slavka@materskecentra.sk, radka@materskecentra.sk, silvia.zabkova@materskecentra.sk

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